List Of Vaccines For Children By Age

Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, Oxford Vaccine Group

Well at the moment we’re not seeing any evidence, that I’m aware of, of any loss of protection over time

But we don’t know yet whether boosters will be needed or not

We also have a virus that’s circulating which will cause some mild disease in those who’ve had two doses,

and that will actually boost their immunity as well

So we’re actually in quite a good place at the moment,

we’re not seeing any failure over time, waning of that protection

I don’t think we have the evidence to predict the dates


Cases and deaths decline

Vaccinations so far

Vaccine tracker

Delta now VOC in US


Prevention measures or medical countermeasures (MCMs)

Demonstrated failure of diagnostics

Significantly reduction in vaccine effectiveness

High number of vaccine breakthrough cases

More severe clinical disease and increased hospitalizations


G-7’s pledge of a billion doses

Dr Tedros

This is a big help, but we need more, and we need them faster.

Right now, the virus is moving faster than the global distribution of vaccines.

11 billion doses, 70% of people in low-income countries by 2022


Cases will rise

Prof Graham Medley

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, disease modelling

Government risks are primarily based upon the healthcare, and whether the healthcare can continue to function.

Could return to seeing hundreds of deaths each day?

I think that’s quite possible it’s not a certainty.

There is a lot of uncertainty, but I think that’s quite possible

Over-21s in England

Can now book

Liz Truss

It’s incredibly important that staff in care homes are vaccinated.

We have got a hugely vulnerable population in our care homes and making sure that staff are vaccinated is a priority.

Vaccinations for children

Professor Calum Semple, (SAGE member)

We’re talking about vaccinating children here mainly to protect public health and reduce transmission,

Teenagers, biologically more like adults (for transmission)

But the younger children really are not, they’re about a half to a third as likely to acquire the virus.

Spare vaccines should be sent to countries who do not have enough doses

I’m veering on the not vaccinating children

China vaccine rollout

First dose, 44%

April, 4.8 million doses per day

June, 17.3 million doses per day

Yesterday, 19.8 million

Total doses, 923 million

Beijing and Shanghai, majority fully vaccinated

Correct technique in China